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Naperville Municipal Band


The Naperville Municipal Band has been entertaining the people of Naperville and the surrounding suburbs, in Central Park for over 150 years. The band has grown from a group of dedicated musicians whose vision brought them together in 1859 to its current 100 member roster. The band has played through storms (both literal and political,) marched under the blazing sun in coutless parades, and provided thousands of hours of entertainment to a grateful public. It has undergone five name changes and raised money for four different band shells, twelve sets of uniforms, benches, music, and guest performers. Its ups and downs are interwoven with the history of the city and the country.


A typical Thursday night in the summer finds Central Park in Naperville packed with fans of all ages: babies, children, teens, middle-agers and octogenarians.  They sit on benches, blankets, and folding chairs. Some have come early to enjoy a picnic supper; others munch on scrumptious homemade goodies prepared by whatever charitable organization has won the coveted lottery spot for the week. Children bounce up and down in time to the music, dogs snooze next to their owners, couples hold hands, and white heads lean together, remembering other concerts, other nights. The audience smiles, taps, claps and sings along. Everyone enjoys the good old fashioned fun!

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