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Interested in Joining?


The Naperville Municipal Band is community band comprised of members who have a love of music.  Our members are engineers, architects, secretaries, music teachers, business owners, etc.  Our average years of membership is 22 years.


We participate in two parades, Memorial Day and Labor Day, perform 10 weekly summer concerts and 4 indoor concerts per year.  


Indoor Season: We rehearse every Monday evening beginning in mid-September until Memorial Day from 7:30-9:00pm.  We typically perform our indoor concerts on Sunday afternoons.


Outdoor Season: We rehearse Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm and perform Thursday evening concerts at 7:30pm in Central Park beginning in June through early August.  


We play approximately 150 pieces of music throughout the year. Our members are expected to have maintain an 80% attendance rating.  

Questions about membership may be directed to:


Current Openings

Sections are currently full, but please reach out if you'd like to be added to the sub list

Audition Process

Step 1: Carefully consider the time commitment required for participation in the band. Consistent attendance is paramount to our success. 


Step 2: Email


Please include the following in your email:

  • Name

  • instrument

  • a summary of your musical training/education and playing experiences

Step 3: If the director wishes to have you play an audition, an in-person meeting will be scheduled and you will be asked to play the following:

​Audition Materials

  • Lyrical Etude/Solo of your choice

  • Technical Etude/Solo of your choice

  • Sightreading (marches and standard excerpts from advanced concert band repertoire)

Step 3: If the director determines that membership would be a good fit, you will be contacted and given next steps for participation.

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