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The City of Naperville


The Naperville Municipal Band and members are extremely grateful to the City of Naperville and their audiences for all of their support. The Naperville Municipal Band is not called a “municipal band” simply because it originated and plays in Naperville. The band really belongs to the municipality of Naperville. With the continued and generous support of the City Council, local businesses that sponsor summer concerts, residents that direct and play in the band, shared concerts with Naperville’s middle and high schools, and faithful audience members, the Naperville Municipal Band is truly a homegrown Naperville institution that will continue to share the love of music with audiences for generations to come.

City of Naperville Website


Illinois Community Bands

The NMB is proud to be one of the many Community Bands in the state of Illinois.  Please support Illinois Community Bands by attending concerts.  

Please visit the Northshore Concert Band website to see a complete list of Community Bands in Illinois.

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